Our Approach

Skyway residents have been historically marginalized and underinvested in. Skyway Solutions recognizes the lack of access to professional networks, generational wealth building opportunities, and, at times, formal education, is why it’s important we focus on a change making approach rather than a charity model. We do this by leveraging our resources to help develop connected, effective, and influential leaders. We help create the conditions where residents can connect to important work to accelerate change in their lives and the community.

Why Young People

Our leadership program is focused on people aged 18-24. Skyway Solutions supports these individuals by lowering barriers to capacity-building opportunities and decision-making tables, connecting leaders to employment opportunities, collaborating with other change leaders on initiatives, and negotiating with institutions to create space for these leaders. Change leaders aged 18-24 are particularly well suited to address challenges related to equity and inclusion and eager for opportunities to build their leadership skills.

Community Projects

Taking ownership of community projects is at the heart of transforming our community. Change leaders work directly on community projects that they developed and are interested in. Civic education is essential, and we must not forget the critical role of citizens from the African Diaspora.

Specifically, we must look at civic identity, and the importance of elevating residents and youth to vote and be active politically. We must recognize the fact that youth civic engagement across Skyway is low.

Skyway Convening

Twice a year community stakeholders come together to continue a critical conversation about the progress and State of the most vulnerable in Skyway.

Presentations on results, new strategies, concerns and a continuous pathway to owning the work through feedback sessions, volunteering and leading projects. Its not just enough to hear updates, we ask how you can own the planning, own the implementation and own sharing out opportunities that are being built in Skyway. 

Change Leader Profiles